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The Town House Galleria of Milan

With this particular hotel of Milan, the word seven stars came into vogue. This is the only hotel in the world by far which has been listed as the seven stars hotel.

This stunning hotel of Milan has some twenty rooms and your stay in this hotel for one room will cost you Euro 1000 which is $2035 which may even rise up to Euro 3900.

You will have room and car service for 24 hours and each and every guest at the Town House Galleria is treated as VIP. The facility to use a four digit PIN to enter your room of this hotel makes this provision a personalized one. If you are ready to spend some extra bucks from your pocket then you will never feel that you are away from your home. Each room of this hotel is uniquely designed and the designs are different from one another.

This historical building is now a seven stars hotel designed elegantly. The ceilings of four meter height with windows, well crafted furniture, drapes of satin and huge bathrooms make each room more beautiful.

The guests will also be furnished with laptops in their rooms with high speed internet and personalized business cards. The instruments for exercise and the yoga mat in each room is an added advantage for the people staying in this luxurious, stylish seven stars hotel. This is done depending on the type of stay. If you go there with your kids then the room might just turn out to be a room that your kids will be fond of. You will also be provided with a personal gym in your room, if you want to.

The service form that you will have to fill is done to know your preferences starting bed to sheet, pillow and music.

Even when you are dining in the hotel, your choices will be taken care of. The chef of the hotel will talk to you and if you want to plan your day and meal, he will surely to be there to help you and provide you with the best option. If you want to have an in-house meal or a purple dining then your orders will be met in that way.

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