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Dining at Ithaa can be one of your most unforgettable surprises

One of the most astounding undersea restaurants, Ithaa, is located at the Hilton Maldives Resort and Spa at Rangalifinolhu, Maldives. With a capacity of about fourteen people, the Ithaa undersea restaurant is in fact the first underwater restaurant of the world that offers a fine transparent acrylic roof providing a 270 degree outstanding view to the guests. The entire innovation as well as the creation of the restaurant was done by New Zealand’s popular design consultancy, MJ Murphy Ltd.

If you are in Ithaa, give a sparkling start to your meal with a refreshing cocktail. You can always enjoy the cocktail on the specially arranged deck of the restaurant. Now, when you have satisfied yourself with the beverages, you can make way to the restaurant through the spiral staircase where you will come across some exquisite recipes. The unique blend of the local cuisines with the traditional Maldivian ones will leave you asking for more. Ithaa promises to make your experiences memorable with their wide array of finger-licking menus, a gorgeous ambience and an excellent stock of cocktails.

You can loiter around the vivacious coral reef that surrounds the entire Ithaa. The spellbinding acrylic walls and roof is one of the notable features of the restaurant. Be it the aquarium technology or the stunning underwater ambience while dining, Ithaa boasts of their unmatched elegance and sophistication. The outstanding views of the colorful fish and the sharks around the reef will simply stir your senses.

The acrylic tunnel located within the premises of the restaurant was designed first for the largest aquarium tunnel of the world known as Kuala Lumpur National Science Centre. About five million dollars were spent to construct this beautiful undersea restaurant, Ithaa. Today, the restaurant rests about five meters below the sea level and stands at quite a secured position under the sea. Earlier, when the Tsunami had tried to disturb the tranquility of the Indian Ocean, it just went 0.3 m below the sea level, and the Ithaa remained unaffected.

Well, it’s more of a dream to imagine that you are with your favorite cuisine below the calm blue sea and at the same time watching the sharks dancing. But it’s no more a dream today because Ithaa will let you to enjoy this dreamlike presence, and that even five meters below the sea.

So, pack your bags and get ready to experience something extraordinary at Ithaa.

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