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Travel predictions for 2014 - it's time to explore the world

In this era of cut throat competition and never ending stress, travelling acts as a stress buster in people’s lives all over the world. Keeping a close watch on the travel trends of recent times can reveal some important travel predictions for 2014.

The airfare within US can come down, thanks to fare wars and tight corporate travel budgets. However, the airline consolidations like the merger of American Airline and US Airways can raise the fares to a certain extent. For flights to Europe, there are no predictions for price decline. The cheapest European countries to fly to will be Germany, Ireland and Spain whereas the dearer ones will be France, Italy and Netherlands. Travelling to eat will be the in thing with more people flying to Copenhagen for the weekend to eat at Noma or to San Sebastian, Spain, for its 16 Michelin stars. Places that can get added to this list in 2014 are Scotland (whose restaurants now total 17 Michelin stars), Australia and Georgia (known for organic food and 8000 years of wine making).

South America will become a hot tourist destination with Brazil hosting the world cup in June/July and the summer Olympics in 2016. Brazil bound travelers will add stops in other countries like Peru, which is South America’s Gastronomic capital courtesy Gaston Acurio, who gave birth to the new Peruvian cuisine. This apart, Chile (with its series of new Boutique hotels) and Columbia (for Cartagena and Bogota) will also draw crowds.

European river cruising industry will experience a boom with 25 new ships entering Europe’s rivers in 2014. Many of you, who haven’t yet got cruise dates, can keep a watch for plenty of low-season river-cruise deals, including for solo travelers.

Vacationing in Africa will increase manifold with more number of families getting interested to take their kids on Safari. To meet this demand, safari operators are creating more child-focused trips that compile fun and education and the lodges of South and East Africa are adding more family suites. Kenya is another good option which is more affordable with plenty of deals.

More and more travelers will choose home over hotels because everyone loves space, privacy, local flavors and savings that come with renting an apartment or vacation home. With this trend gaining ground, hotel owners are coming up with innovative ideas too. One such idea is offering help in the customer’s personal life. For instance Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York has started a Mindfulness Moment Hotline to help anyone in a moment of stress. Another thing that more and more hotels are trying to achieve is getting the tag of “Instagram Hotel” i.e. to become visually so appealing that instagram crowd would opt for lodging there and would thus take snaps and share pics on the social networking sites. The world’s first instagram hotel is 1888 in Sydney, Australia. This apart, the hotels will also rent you office space complete with spas and bars by converting meeting rooms into pop up offices.

More hotel and even cruise lines will offer free WIFI to cater to the growing need of internet access among travelers. Finally, 2014 may provide you the opportunity to design your own tour by pointing out what you want to do at your travel destination, to make it memorable.

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