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Top 3 Food Trends in US

With supermarkets dominating consumer food spending over 49% share of sales in the United States, let us have a close look at the ongoing food trends of present times and their probable impact in the coming years. 

1. Difference in Food Preferences

Food choices vary from person to person. Food survey in the U.S. reveals that over hundred million adults of over 50 years of age and more than 74 million ‘Gen Yers’ aged between 16-33 years will be the main forces behind food companies for continuous change in food flavors, foods and food messages through the coming years. It has been ascertained that as preferences for a wide variety of food will keep changing from time to time, demand will keep increasing on food items such as : desserts, breakfast meals, fruits, vegetables, snack nuts, soup, cookies & crackers, chocolate candy’s and wine and spirits. Thus, in summation the Gen Yers will mainly define the types and flavors of food consumption in the coming years.  The study also reveals that the Gen Yers will be the most health conscious dieters of all favoring naturally fortified, fresh and organic meals. 
2. Cooking is still in Vogue

Family meals and home-cooking in the recent years have increased in incidence from 52% in 2003 to 73% in 2013. Survey reports reveal that over 55% of grocery shoppers cooked meals in their own home that includes extensive breakfast, and lunch courses.  Occasional dinners are included almost four nights a week of which 61% prepare frozen dinners and 36% bring prepared meal back home once a week. Around 64% of Gen Yers have been seen to cook more meals at home by using pre-packaged and frozen food items for preparing dinner thereby increasing the demand for more convenient food options. These groups of Gen Yers have also been reported to comprise a more gushing drive for variety in food comprising of ethnic, healthy and gourmet styles in food. The study also shows that more and more people are experimenting with new dishes everyday to bring variety in eating styles. Therefore, statistics show that in a week about 57% of respondents prepare meat or seafood entrée, 43% prepares rice, potato or pasta dishes, 42% prepare vegetable side dishes,  24% prepare biscuits or breads, 20% green salads and 15% prepare desserts.

3. Nutritious Eating

A majority of eaters at present times put a lot of emphasis on healthy diet. Therefore, a strong inclination towards ‘natural functionality’ and ‘inherent nutrition’ is replacing ‘traditionally fortified food items’.  Survey figures reveal that 65% adults are eating more fortified food items compared to 35% adults who do not eat fortified foods. It has been seen that a significantly higher percentage of adults are now purchasing more fortified vitamin enriched food products like Campbell’s V-8 Fusion (a mixture of high-nutrient juices) for acquiring higher levels of nutrition. Other lists of popular nutrients include proteins, whole grains, low sugar items, high fiber foods and whole wheat breads. Low fat products comprises of more than $46 billion market share in the food industry. Around 30% of today’s baby boomer generation is more inclined towards incorporating healthy oil substitutes in their diets like olive oil, canola oil and vegetable oils for a better healthful living. 

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