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Half-a-dozen amazing Beach Destinations

There is no other holiday destination with as much fun and pleasure as the beach. Whether you want to splash around in the waves, indulge your sporty self with surfboarding or windsailing, help your kids hone their architectural skills with sandcastles or just stretch your legs out and sunbathe, the beach seems to have something for everyone to do. Irrespective of your age or gender, you will always find something to occupy yourself with on the beach.

There are numerous amazing beach resorts around the world, where you will be able to do all of that and more. However, it is important to plan your vacation well in advance, so as not to miss out on the best deals available to you. These beach destinations are so popular that they tend to get filled up rather quickly, and so it is important to book early. Also, often travellers are unsure as to the best destinations for the best possible price. This leads travellers booking destinations that while in essence may live up to their name, they may not come with the same facilities that other destinations may offer for the same price.

Therefore, to help you plan the best possible vacation, you could refer to the list provided below:

1. Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This beautiful bay is located in the Fernando de Noronha archipelago, in the state of Penambuco in Brazil. Those visiting Baia do Sancho for the first time could be unnerved at the precipitous and slippery descent into the beach, but those that make it will not be disappointed! The sight of the mid-day sun reflecting off emerald green water and framed by white sand is truly a spectacle to behold! Visitors will also be thrilled at the sight of bright, multi-coloured fish swimming in the clear waters, and the waterfall created during the rainy season. Overall, this is truly an amazing place to relax and unwind, while taking in the fabulous Brazilian sun.

Visitors may be advised to be cautious during the turtle breeding season, as the beaches remain closed for twelve hours during those months.

2. Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands

If you are interested in a little Caribbean flavour, then Grace Bay located in the Turks & Caicos Islands (a chain of 40 islands in the Western Caribbean) may just be the place for you! With brilliant blue waters and white sandy beaches, this is the ideal place to groove to reggae while sampling jerk. There are several beaches in Grace Bay, most of them not crowded, and fun to party on. Conch shell farming and eco-tourism are one of the main attractions, and you will be amazed at the marine life abounding around Grace Bay. Another way to enjoy the sea as well as marine life, are diving, snorkelling and reef fishing, all available easily on the island. Accommodation is of the best quality, with world-class hotels, condos and restaurants to cater to your needs. And if the beach becomes too much for you (which it surely won't), there are malls to indulge in some retail therapy!

3. Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa, Sicily, Italy

This wonderful Mediterranean treat is located off the coast of Sicily in Southern Italy. Those into the old-world and those who have grown tired of Ibiza, should certainly experience this lesser known, but equally picturesque destination. Resplendent turquoise waters, white sand and a hill side adorned with flowers of the Capers plant- there is only one way to describe the Rabbit Beach of Lampedusa- marvellous! The beach is surrounded by rocky hills, and the best known modes of transport are scooter and car. This is the ideal place for those who want their slice of the Mediterranean sun, and that sensuous, Italian tan! Bask in the sun, play around in the sea or when you feel hungry, indulge your taste-buds with delectable local Focaccia prepared at the bar, not too far from the beach. Rabbit Island beach has actually been named No.1 beach in the world, by a survey conducted by Trip Advisor!

4. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Having been nicknamed “Queensland's Most Beautiful Beach” and “Queensland's Most Eco-Friendly Beach”, any visitor to Whitehaven beach will soon discover why it has earned these epithets. Spread over a 7 km stretch along the Whitsunday Islands, this beach is covered with translucent sand and is surrounded by aqua-blue waters. This beach is situated on the largest island in the Whitsunday chain.

The star attraction of Whitehaven is the Hill Inlet. This is a cove where the tide washes over both the sand as well as the water, creating an amazing blend of colours. This can be best appreciated from Tongue Bay, from where the sunlight reflects beautifully over the silica sand as well as the blue waters. You will soon discover why Whitehaven Beach is also known as one of the most photographed beach, and there will be ample points on the beach to capture unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Perfect for those who want a little bit of Aussie sunshine!

5. Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles

The beauty of the Indian Ocean can be best appreciated from this beach in Seychelles. Crystal clear waters, coconut trees surrounded on all sides by granite rocks, this is definitely one of the best beaches in Seychelles. The main attractions on Anse Lazio are ample diving and snorkelling activities organized on a routine basis. You can savour some of the finest flavours on offer in Seychelles at the Bon Bon Plume and Le Chevalier restaurants, located close by.

6. Lanika Beach, Kailua, Hawaii, USA

In the Hawaiian language, Lanika means “Heavenly sea”. This lovely beach, located on the windward side of the Oahu island, certainly lives up to it's name. It has a long, stretch of white sand and is framed by beautiful, turquoise water. It is the perfect place to hang out with the family and play around with the kids, and is loved by natives and tourists.

An unforgettable experience for which you must visit Lanika is to watch the moon rising over the Molokua islands nearby. This is indeed a breathtaking montage, especially on a full moon. In addition, you will certainly love the diving and kayaking facilities available on the beach. A perfect Pacific adventure for you and your family.

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